DOD Definition Of Done

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In Agile , your goal is to get Done , working software to sprint review meeting at the end of the sprint , If is not done , you can’t show it.

Sample Definition of Done (DoD):

For Development/Coder:

  • Code is written with unit tests.
  • Unit tests have a minimum of 75% Code Coverage.
  • Code has been merged to Main.
  • Code complies and unit tests pass when run as part of an automated build.
  • Database schema objects are checked in to ALM tool (aka. TFS).
  • Database upgrade script is written and checked in to ALM tool (aka. TFS).
  • Code Review by someone other than the original author.

For Testing , Deployment and Ops:

  • Written QA Test Plan.
  • Tested with QA Test Plan by someone other than the original author.
  • Deploying and Testing in Staging environment.
  • Automated UI Test are written and pass.
  • No severity 1 or 2 bugs.
  • Reviewed by Product Owner.
  • Passed Acceptance Criteria for the PBI
  • Known deployment and rollback plan
  • Deployment plan reviewed by Ops
  • Database Changes reviewed by DBAs
  • Load tested (Optional)
  • Deployed to Production


Remember it is all about Done , Working Software.

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