How do you test the Internet of Things(IOT) ?

  Suddenly, applications had to gracefully handle interruptions, cope with multiple connection types of varying quality, and remain usable with a touch interface. But just as were getting comfortable with mobility, a new trend is trying to shake things up again. This time its the Internet of Things (IoT). As we push Internet connections into … Continue reading How do you test the Internet of Things(IOT) ?

What is Appium ?

Appiumis a mobile test automation framework (and tool) for native, hybrid and mobile-web apps for iOS and Android. It uses JSONWireProtocol internally to interact with iOS and Android apps usingSeleniums WebDriver. It supports Android via uiautomator (API level 16 or higher) and Seledroid (API level lower than 16), iOS via UI Automation, and mobile web … Continue reading What is Appium ?