2020 – Year in Review

As we’re on the final stretch of this year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year and express my gratitude to all of you 🙂

2020 was including a lot of challenges and hard times because the COVID-19 Pandemic but it was great year for me, I learned different and new things , the following points are my small achievements during the year:

LinkedIn Articles (9 Articles)

1- 25 Bitrise Integration Steps You Should Know for iOS Apps


2- 20 Bitrise Integration Steps You Should Know for Android Apps


3- Why Software Test Engineers should know about Cloud Computing?


4- 20 Q&As about Bitrise every beginner should know


5- Running Selenium Web Tests with GitHub Actions


6- Running Appium tests with GitHub Actions


7- GitHub Actions for Flutter App


8- Getting started with AWS Device Farm and Selenium WebDriver


9- Running the Internet application locally or with Docker


Delivery Hero Tech Blog (1 Blog)

Delivery Hero published an interview with me about my career journey and what are my current responsibilities with my team


Dev.to (3 Articles):

I started to move some of my articles to Dev.to website

1- What should every newcomer know about Bitrise?


2- Getting started with AWS Device Farm and Selenium WebDriver


3- Why Software Test Engineers should know about Cloud Computing?


Test Automation University (2 Free Online Courses):

1- Android Test Automation with Espresso


2- E2E Web Testing with TestCafe


Online Events, Meetups and User Group (7 Online Events):

1- Bitrise User Group #1 | WEBINAR

Android CI/CD. This session was given at the Bitrise User Group.

2- Bitrise User Group #4 – iOS Edition | WEBINAR

XCUITest, TestRail and Bitrise Putting It All Together. This session was given at the Bitrise User Group.

3- Getting Started with AWS Device Farm and Selenium WebDriver

This session was given at AWS Community Day MENA 2020

4- Let Me Tell You a Real Story about our Mobile CI/CD

This session was given at the SauceConf Online 2020.

5- Swiss Testing Day 2020

I gave a talk about “A Real story about our Mobile CI/CD in Delivery Hero” at Swiss Testing Day 2020

6- Techila Con Online

I gave a talk about The Test Automation Challenges with Mobile Apps Development at Techila Con Online


7- First Podcast with GDG Helwan

Fireside chat with Hassan Dakhly & Moataz Nabil from Delivery Hero. about the current tech atmosphere in Germany, and how to qualify yourself to join EU companies, what technologies to learn, what to focus on.

Online Hackathon (1 Hackathon and 1 Award):

I participated in GitHub Action Hackathon and listed in the winner list and got my Swag from GitHub


Open-Source Project (2 project During the GitHub Actions Hackathon):

1- Running Appium Server with GitHub Actions to be able to run Appium mobile test automation scripts


2- A GitHub Action for running Espresso Tests for Android using Sauce Labs Runner


Community Achievements

In 2020 I selected to be a member in 2 different community program for 2021

1- AWS Community Builder

To know more about the program:


2- Bitrise Expert Program

For more details about the program:



My Udemy course still a Best Seller course on Udemy for almost 2.5 years with 6,939 students from 29 countries


Then the last and the amazing achievement this year was….

Certification (1 Certificate)

I passed the AWS Certificate exam and now I’m AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


In 2021 I hope to achieve more milestones in my career.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year !


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