2021, Year in Review

As we’re on the final stretch of this year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year and express my gratitude to all of you 🙂

2021 was including a lot of challenges and it was a great year for me, I learned different and new things, the following points are my achievements during 2021:

Career Updates

I joined Bitrise as a Developer Advocate 🥳 focusing on Mobile DevOps and CI/CD by helping the mobile engineers to build their apps faster and frequently 📱

Articles (28 Articles) 📝

LinkedIn Articles (1 Article)

A helpful list of tools for your android test with Espresso

Applitools (2 Articles)

Getting Started with Visual UI Testing for Android Apps with Applitools and Bitrise

Test Automation Framework: Build vs. Use vs. Buy

Bitrise (25 Articles)

Flutter CI/CD: GitHub Actions vs. Bitrise

DevSecOps: injecting security into the mobile CI/CD pipeline

Getting started with testing Jetpack Compose

Event highlights: Let’s recap!

Use Bitrise Steps like LEGO blocks to build up your CI/CD pipeline

Build your own CI/CD pipelines by customizing your Bitrise Workflows

Getting started with AWS Amplify for Android and Bitrise

A day in the life of a developer advocate at Bitrise

React Native E2E UI testing with Detox and Bitrise

Getting started with creating a Bitrise Step

Getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)

How to migrate your Flutter apps from Jenkins and fastlane to Bitrise

Android UI testing with AWS Device Farm and Bitrise

Getting started with Appium & Bitrise for Android apps

What’s new in Android Testing Tools

How to migrate React Native apps from Jenkins and fastlane to Bitrise

Hands-on tips for decreasing the duration of iOS UI tests via fastlane and Bitrise

Android CI/CD with fastlane, Firebase App Distribution, and Bitrise

Fastlane plugins that make a developer’s life easier

Fastlane actions that make a developer’s life easier

How to migrate your iOS app from Jenkins and fastlane to Bitrise

WWDC 2021 Highlights: Let’s recap

Your guide to Google I/O 2021

How to migrate your Android app from Jenkins to Bitrise — a step-by-step guide

5 tips & tricks for mobile testing

Videos (34) 📺

Courses 👨🏻‍💻

Test Automation University (1 Free Online Courses):

Mobile Automation with Appium and Java

Events (15 Online Events): 🤖

1- Parallelize Android UI Tests with Bitrise, Flank, and Firebase Test Lab – Bitrise User Group #7

2- The Road to MobileDevTestOps – Kobiton Odyssey 2021 

3- Expert Panel: State of the Mobile Frameworks, Applitools

4- Scale-up Mobile UI Tests – Google Cloud Budapest

5- The Road to Mobile DevOps for Android, Android Worldwide

6- Future of Mobile Testing, Applitools

7- Mobile DevOps Is a Thing!, MobileWeek

8- End-to-end testing in React Native with Detox, QA Global Summit 21

9- DevSecOps: Injecting Security into Mobile CI/CD Pipelines, WeAreDeveloper Mobile Day

10- From Ooops to Mobile DevOps, Mobile Meeting

11- From Ooops to Mobile DevOps: 7 tips for successful Mobile DevOps Transformation, droidcon Berlin


12- Tips to Optimise Android App Deployment from Development to Production, droidcon London


13- Tips to Optimise Android App Deployment from Development to Production, droidcon Italy

14- The Need for Speed: How to accelerate your e-commerce mobile development through Mobile DevOps, E-Commerce Tech Summit 21

15- Using async / await on iOS 13 and Bitrise

Community Achievements ✅

I just confirmed to be for the second year in the AWS Community Builders program in the Web and Mobile Category. Really enjoyed the first year and will continue contributing to the community in the second one.

To know more about the program:


I have now 2,371 subscribers on my Youtube channel


And finally, my Udemy course still a Best Seller course on Udemy for almost 3.5 years with 7,221 students from 92 countries ✌🏻


I hope to achieve more milestones in my career in 2022

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!


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