Faking Data for test automation

You are developing test automation script for your application and need test data or your application has been deployed and the product owner or the business owner comes around the corner. The registration screen loads up but you realise there’s no data in the system. And you can’t think of any creative customer names besides … Continue reading Faking Data for test automation

UI Testing using Selenium WebDriver and Chrome inside AWS Lambda

  What is AWS Lambda? Amazon explains, AWS Lambda (λ) as a ‘serverless’ compute service, meaning the developers, don’t have to worry about which AWS resources to launch, or how will they manage them, they just put the code on lambda and it runs, it’s that simple! It helps you to focus on core-competency i.e. App … Continue reading UI Testing using Selenium WebDriver and Chrome inside AWS Lambda

Headless Testing becomes easy now with Chrome and Firefox

  Headless Testing with Chrome and Firefox using Selenium WebDriver(latest version) becomes easy now:- -For Chrome (latest Version): System.setProperty("webdriver.chrome.driver","chromedriver exe path"); ChromeOptions chromeOptions = new ChromeOptions(); chromeOptions.addArguments("--headless"); driver = new ChromeDriver(chromeOptions); -For Firefox 57(Quantum): System.setProperty("webdriver.firefox.driver","firefoxdriver exe path"); FirefoxOptions firefoxOptions = new FirefoxOptions(); firefoxOptions.setCapability("marionette", true); firefoxOptions.setHeadless(true); driver = new FirefoxDriver(firefoxOptions);

Penetration Testing With Selenium

  Penetration testing is one of those things that people don't often think about while they are building a product. It's usually seen as a phase of testing that is performed by a third party who has expertise in that area once a release has passed normal testing. The problem with this view is that fixing security problems at … Continue reading Penetration Testing With Selenium

ChatOps – Conversations, Put To Work

In a relationship, communication is the most important thing. Communication is cited as the most important aspect in any relationship and in the success of any initiatives. Success of IT projects depends on the robust communication process. With emergence of social media, chats have become a well-accepted means of communication when it comes to approaching an … Continue reading ChatOps – Conversations, Put To Work

How to perform REST API testing with Rest Assured

  APIs are playing now an ever more important role in software trends (such as mobile applications), proper automated testing of these APIs is becoming indispensable. There are many different tools out there that can assist you in writing these automated tests at the API level. What is API Testing ? API testing is different than other … Continue reading How to perform REST API testing with Rest Assured

What’s the Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials ?

  It's a Free tools, cloud services, and training , Get everything you need to build and deploy your app on any platform. With state-of-the-art tools, the power of the cloud, training, and support, it’s Microsoft most comprehensive free developer program ever. Everything you need all in one place : Developer tools: Visual Studio Community … Continue reading What’s the Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials ?

Introduction to Microservice Architecture

What is Software Architecture ? Architecture is the fundamental organization of a system embodied in its components (i.e. Web Server, Application Server, Databases,Storage, Communication layer, etc…), their relationships to each other, and to the environment (i.e. deployment environment shared server, dedicated server, cloud deployment, etc..), and the principles guiding its design and evolution. What is … Continue reading Introduction to Microservice Architecture

Testing AngularJS apps with Protractor

Are you working on AngularJS applications? Are you searching for a test framework to do End-to-End testing in Angular applications more effectively? Most of us are familiar with Selenium WebDriver which we use to automate the browsers. But being frustrated with all the waits needed for the WebDriver to sync with the app, causing flakes and prolonged … Continue reading Testing AngularJS apps with Protractor

How do you test the Internet of Things(IOT) ?

  Suddenly, applications had to gracefully handle interruptions, cope with multiple connection types of varying quality, and remain usable with a touch interface. But just as we’re getting comfortable with mobility, a new trend is trying to shake things up again. This time it’s the Internet of Things (IoT). As we push Internet connections into … Continue reading How do you test the Internet of Things(IOT) ?