2022, Year in Review 🙌🏻

As this year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year and thank you all 

The year 2022 was challenging and a great year for me, I learned new things, and here are some of my accomplishments:

Articles (36) 📝

In 2022 I wrote 36 articles about Mobile DevOps, Test automation, CI/CD, and the Cloud you can find all of my articles on the following links:



Videos (2) 🎥

I didn’t create many videos on my YouTube channel but recently I tried GitHub Copilot and shared my thoughts on these two Arabic videos

Additionally, you can find all of my videos this playlist from different conferences, meetups and events

Events (15) 🎤

In 2022, I attended different conferences and events online and in person, I visited new cities such as Turin in Italy and also Budapest in Hungry

Here’s the list of the conferences:

  • Flutter Festival London
  • SauceCon
  • DeveloperWeek SF
  • iOS SG Conf
  • Droidcon Italy
  • Craft Conf
  • DevOpsCon
  • Droidcon Berlin
  • Android Worldwide
  • iOS Developer Global Summit
  • Kobiton Odyssey
  • React Day Berlin

Community Achievements 🥳

AWS Community Builder

I just confirmed to be for the third year in the AWS Community Builders program in the Front-end and Mobile category. Really enjoyed the two years and will continue contributing to the community in the third one. 🔥

To know more about the program:


DevNetwork Advisory Board

I received an invitation to join the DevNetwork Advisory Board under the Developer Advocacy category


Youtube Subscribers

I have now 2,833 subscribers on my Youtube channel, Thank you 🙏


Udemy Course

And finally, my Udemy course still a Best Seller course on Udemy for almost 3.5 years with 7,633 students from 92 countries 


I hope to achieve more milestones in my career in 2023

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year! 💜


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